Google Ads

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"Google Ads"

This is the advertising service by Google for businesses who want to run ads on google and other advertising platforms. This service of Google is focused on keywords. You have to bid for keywords to run your ad on google. Like your focus keyword is “best digital marketing institute in hisar” and you want to run an ad on this keyword. Then you have to set a bid for it. This is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click). This means you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. You can also create relevant ads by using keywords that people search for.

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Ad Goals

Before running any campaign you have to set a goal for that campaign. Google provides six-goal types in which you have to select only one goal. You can run 10000 Ad Campaigns in Google Adwords and 20000 Ad Groups.

Ad Campaigns

You can run 10000 ad campaigns in Google AdWords and you have to select a campaign type according to your needs. If you want to promote your app then you have to run app promotion. Suppose you have a keyword like “best android developer in hisar”.